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Casa do Brasil is pleased to present a new exhibit of installations

Casa do Brasil is pleased to present a new exhibit of installations, films and paintings by the Brazilian duo Rodriguez Remor – Denis Rodriguez and Leonardo Remor. In this exhibition, the artists highlight some of the characteristics of Brazilian Modernist Architecture such as monumentality and permanence, and contrast them to other construction practices, such as those that center environmental and ecological sensitivity. Through a large wall installation of natural materials, two new films and paintings, the artists explore ways of living and habitation that have been neglected by the glossary of architecture schools, but which find their correlation within practices of bioconstruction and permaculture. In the works in this show, the artists propose that we reconsider forms of architecture that incorporate elements of ancestral construction and techniques that draw on the rhythms of nature, such as impermanence and sustainability – a no-trace architecture that deals with a world rooted in the human soul, a building up of community life, consisting of technical knowledge linked to nature, and that is in tune with the social and symbolic skills of the Native peoples of eastern South America.

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